Postgraduate Courses

MSc Planning and Development

This two year, part-time course provides the educational requirements for practice as a Planning and Development Surveyor. It also serves the purpose of broadening the knowledge and skill base of professionals working in the built environment field.

Course Content:

  • SSPL 9055 Sustainable Construction
  • SSPL9016  Planning Practice I
  • SSPL9018  Planning Practice II
  • SSPL9017  Seminars
  • SSPL9018  Spatial Planning
  • RECE9031  Urban Economics
  • RECE9010  Valuations I
  • RECE9022 Valuations II
  • SSPL9021  Construction Management
  • SSPL9023  Property Development
  • RECE4051 Property Finance
  • SSPL9025  Property Law
  • SSPL9006  Research Techniques
  • SSPL 9056  Dissertation MSc