NITL Courses

Short Courses

NITL’s modular programmes are built around a series of discrete, self-contained modules. Undertaking the full M.Sc. programme requires a certain level of commitment and dedication which may not be suitable to your personal circumstances at this moment in time. If what you are looking for is a short course on a very specific subject, all M.Sc. modules can be taken individually and appropriate Continuous Professional Development (CPD) credits will be awarded.  Each module is of approximately 40 hours duration and takes place over either two consecutive “weekends” (Thursday evening, Friday and Saturday) or a full week (Monday to Friday). Details of upcoming modules on offer as short courses will be updated regularly.

Design & delivery of tailor-made courses

NITL has worked in partnership with numerous organisations since its inception in the design and development of bespoke, tailored SCM programmes. These organisations have included private sector companies (e.g. Symantec, C&C and the Irish Diary Board) as well as public sector bodies (e.g. HSE and Irish Rail).

Irrespective of what level of management is being trained there is a need to ensure that training providers and client companies work in partnership through all stages of programme design and delivery. In the past companies have all too often presented their perceived training needs as part of an invitation to tender. Potential training providers then bid for the right to design and deliver this training. In such situations the client company often takes a back seat while the training provider designs and develops the course material. During this design and development stage the provider is often forced to work with briefing notes which lack the necessary detail. The client then complains loudly when the training programme fails to live up to expectations!

NITL’s approach involves our learning specialists and the client organisation working together on all aspects of the programme design, development, delivery and follow-up. This approach is rooted firmly in supply chain management philosophy. In this way, the design and detailed development of programmes will reflect the real, rather than the perceived, training needs of companies. By adopting the partnership approach at the programme delivery stage participants will be better able to relate general principles to the operations of their own organisations. Finally, programme assessment and follow-up needs to be carried out jointly by the company and the training provider. This stage involves participant review of programmes and assessment of participant competence levels as well as measurement of changes in employee and organisational effectiveness in the short, medium and long term.

Completion of ‘Open’ Short Courses

Over the last decade NITL has developed a portfolio of short courses, aimed at a multi-company audience, in all major aspects of SCM and logistics. These courses are essentially shorter versions of our Masters modules, each of approximately 20 hours duration. The 20 hours can be run in a variety of ways (e.g. intensively for 2.5 full days or spread over a number of weeks). The modules currently available are listed below


  • Partnerships in Supply Chain Management
  • Manufacturing Strategy and Operations
  • Purchasing
  • Transport and Distribution Management
  • Understanding Customer Service
  • Warehousing and Inventory Management

Tools and Technology

  •  Information Technology in Supply Chains
  • Management of Information Systems
  • Project Planning, Management and Control
  • Problem Solving Techniques

Supply Chain Management Skills

  • Quality Management
  • People Management
  • Communications and Team Working

Business Context

  • Business Strategy
  • International Supply Chain Design
  • Marketing and SCM
  • Financial Management Fundamentals
  • Supply Chain Re-engineering