Automotive Overview

Due to the growth in the transport sector both in Ireland and abroad, there are now major opportunities for those wishing to make their careers in the transport industry. Programmes offered by the School in the discipline of transport engineering are internationally recognised and will provide graduates with the opportunity to gain employment in a technical/managerial capacity in the automotive or aviation industry or one or other of the transport sectors – road, rail, sea and air.

Our programmes offer our graduates access to rewarding career paths and equips them fully to meet the challenges and demands of an ever-changing sector. The skills and knowledge acquired will be applicable at senior management levels in many transport-related businesses. Career prospects are excellent as the transport sector is one of the most important in the country and is a growing industry and offers a vast range of career opportunities in all branches of transport, in both the private and public sectors

The graduate will be capable of solving problems and making informed decisions in a modern technologically sophisticated transport industry and will possess a detailed knowledge of the transport industry; a thorough understanding of the technology of transport; the skills and knowledge required to manage people and other resources; communication, problem-solving and decision-making skills.