Undergraduate Courses

Bachelor Engineering Tec (Ord) Automotive Management and Technology

The motor industry is an exciting and dynamic place to work. This programme is tailored to prepare graduates to perform in senior technical, administrative, supervisory and management positions. It will equip them with the necessary mix of academic and practical skills, giving them an inter-disciplinary approach to carrying out tasks. An important part of the programme is the final year Automotive Engineering Technology Project.

Automotive management and technology prepares learners for careers in the motor industry, it is a combination of management, business and technology studies that are ideally suited to the wide range of technical administrative, supervisory and management roles available in this huge and dynamic industry. On successful completion of the programme the graduate will be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of:

  • The roles, responsibilities and requirements of different activities across the multifunctional areas of an automotive business
  • The characteristics of the management role; the management and development of people within organisations; organisational behaviour; and human resource management
  • The use of relevant communication techniques for application in an automotive business
  • The uses of accounting for managerial and reporting applications
  • The development, management and use of information systems and technologies and their impact on automotive operations
  • The legislative and regulatory framework in which the automotive industry operates
  • The maintenance and servicing techniques required for modern vehicles
  • The principles and operation of the mechanical systems found in motor vehicles
  • The principles and operation of electrical/electronic systems found in motor vehicles
  • Automotive diagnostic and testing procedures
  • The health and safety aspects of working in a vehicle servicing and repair environment
  • Engineering science principles and their application to motor vehicle technology