Undergraduate Courses

Bachelor of Science (Hons) Transport Operations and Technology

Transport is key to both manufacturing and service industries worldwide. Transport Operations and Technology involves the technical and managerial aspects in one or other of the transport sectors – road, rail, sea and air.

Due to the growth in the transport sector both in Ireland and abroad, there are now major opportunities for those wishing to make their careers in the transport industry. This Degree in Transport Operations & Technology will give graduates the opportunity to gain employment in many of the technical, managerial and possibly senior management roles in both the transport industry but also in many transport-related businesses.

The graduate will be capable of solving problems and making informed decisions in a modern technologically sophisticated transport industry and will possess:

  • A detailed knowledge of the operations of transport industry
  • A thorough understanding of the technological aspects of transport
  • The skills and knowledge required to manage people and other resources in the transport sector
  • Communication, problem-solving and decision-making skills