Undergraduate Courses

Bachelor Engineering Tec (Ord) Aviation Technology

The Bachelor of Engineering Technology in Aviation Technology prepares learners for careers in the aviation industry. The programme is aimed at meeting the employment needs of the aviation sector by providing graduates with a degree level qualification. The programme offers an interdisciplinary approach in which the students obtain a mix of technological, business and management skills specifically related to the aviation industry.

Student learn to develop the following skills:

  • Develop individual skills by enhancing the conceptual and analytical abilities of the graduate for application within the context of the civil aviation industry framework.
  • Develop an understanding of the importance of Training and Education within the Aviation Industry by fostering an ethos within the graduate to be self-motivating and pursue personal development and lifelong learning skills.
  • Develop an intricate technical knowledge and understanding of the Principles of Flight.
  • Develop personal and interpersonal skills to enable managing oneself, and others within the industry.
  • Develop competence in information systems integral to aviation/aircraft operations, management and maintenance.
  • Provide the graduate with an understanding of the complex inter-relationships existing within the various sub-sectors of the Aviation Industry (Legislative design, Manufacturing, Commercial, Operations and Maintenance)